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Technology has become the most trending sector which people have actually realized can not to do without. Technology is in everything we do, it has become a daily activity which some people do knowingly and others not knowing. So how is technology related to business? It is more related than you could ever tell. If strategized simultaneously one can make their dreams a reality: becoming a multi-millionaire.

With the help of IT Solutions located in Edmonton one can get a free consultation on technology related information. So what composes IT solution?

It composes of many functions and benefits which include:

It helps in the managed computer network services. The server act as the brain of the network, every information that is gathered from a server is converted into reports as well as alerts this way one is able to detect when issues arises. The information gathered is :Microsoft exchange status, windows update status, antivirus update status, hard drive and partition free space and threshold, complete catalog of all software and hardware installed, backup completion status and physical disk health. Within business, network is a major ‘spinal cord’ to business. Without simultaneous network there will be less productivity and one may encounter serious hurdle. Hence it is appropriate to have the right network design that your own computer network is fully customized to match your needs and requirements.


It also provides back up hence no need to worry about what if your computer crashes. It runs the backup regularly on and off site depending on the client preference, they have varieties of backup solutions in the cloud which one can choose from depending on the cost and also what is more suitable. This ensure your sensitive and important data are in safe hands.

They also maintain your computer network which is usually expensive. But with the help of IT solutions Edmonton it helps minimize the cost. They usually use less time which saves time so as to handle others business priorities.

They also offer assurance on your data being secure. It is said that information is a powerful tool in the business, it can lead to the downfall or uprising of a business enterprise. They offer security models such as Edmonton managed firewall security model. This is among the best security strategies in a business. There are other varieties of firewall security products ranging from Cisco, Sonic wall to Net gear. Through this firewall security models you will be rest assured of your data not being in the hands of competitors who can take you down in your business.it is very reliable and is depended on a daily basis. It includes patch implementation, software updates and firewall defense testing.

Above all their customer services are reliable and pleasant. They provide IT support  such as 24 hr. helpdesk support, computer support and consultation on IT from small to large businesses. This way they ensure best business practices and solutions to businesses.

IT solutions Edmonton has shown to be more efficient and ready to grow the business with the entrepreneur. It knows what you need and with the exemplary skills they provide high quality services. This is the best solution for your IT infrastructure. No more frustration due to lack of technology or updates.